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Any ideas folks may want added to the website please let me know. Below are a few memory letters I have been sent over the years

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Happy 100th Birthday Deer Park!  We are direct descendents of Samuel Pierson and Rebecca DeMint.  We just wanted to let you know her name is Rebecca DeMint Pierson not Rachel Dumont Pierson.  Brothers Samuel and Matthias Pierson originally purchased the 640 acres from John Cleves Symmes for 640 Continental dollars.  The two brothers fought with distinction in the Revolutionary War.   They traveled from New Jersey and flat boated down the Ohio River. Samuel and Matthias married sisters Rebecca and Catherine DeMint. Samuel and Rebecca are buried in the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  We noticed Chamberlain Park and Schenk street.  Is there a street or anything named for the first settler Samuel Pierson? 

It is wonderful to see the history of these little known places like Deer Park come alive on the web.  Cheers,  Trace & Leslie Pierson

The ball fields were there when the creek ran through the park.  Sometime I will meet you there and show you where it ran.  They tore down Jack Tracy's family home to build Howard School, and I think that is when the creek was put underground in a pipe.
My grandfather Henry Howard Schueler built your family home on Orchard Lane in 1917.  They moved back to Norwood in 1922.  Dad had many happy memories there.  He said that the ground west of the fire house was a ball field then.  My Grandma Schueler and I visited your folks once and Grandma showed them where she raised chickens in the upstairs bathroom.  There was no running water in 1917.  Your parents were fascinated by all she told them.  We lived at 4220 Matson.  My parents rented there from 1941-1960, then bought the house.  My mother sold it in the 1990s to move to Amber Park.
I knew Don and Mary Winkelman, but not Lou.
I had a strange dream about a month ago about your parents.  In the dream your dad outlived your mom.  I went to visit him and we were talking, and your mom appeared suddenly.  It was very odd, but it was good to see them, even in a dream.  I really liked them a lot.  Seems like they were young when they died, but when I look in the mirror and realize I am really 65, I guess not.
Did you ever go to Devil's Dungeon, the big pipe under East Galbraith in Kenwood?  We used to scare kids by taking them through there.
I've got a zillion more stories.  We need to get together.  My son and I are planning to move back closer to home soon, so maybe then.  Maybe we can update and correct the old history book.  I would love to collaborate on such a project.  There must be thousands of photos out there in private hands that we could borrow.
Did you ever get one of Squeak Healy's glares?  I did.  I was chairman of the History Committee for the 75th Anniversary of the City in 1988 (I later gave it up because of business).  Back then everything was being named "Blue Chip" this and "Blue Chip" that.  Squeak asked if anyone had any suggestions for a city motto to replace "The right town for a bright future".  I raised my hand and said, "How about the Cow Chip City?"  There were a few chuckles, but Squeak just glared!
Keep in touch. 
Dick Schueler 


Any information on the old Woodmont dairy? I remember as a kid walking to the dairy in the summertime and they would give us ice to munch on. Does anyone know what ever happened to the DIVCO milk trucks that they had? I can remember standing at the huge front window on Galbraith Road and watching the milk bottle filling line operate.

I grew up on Pine Road off of Kugler Mill, went to St. Savior grade school, my grandmother lived on Sibley Ave, I used to go to the Saturday matinee at the Deer Park Theater, shopped at Arlans discount department store, went to Dr Scroggins dentist office, my dad went to St. John's grade school, saved my money from my paper route at Deer Park Savings and Loan.

I loved Golden Cream Donuts, my grandmother worked there, my mom and dad used to shop at Bucks' White Villa market (the building that became Golden Cream Donuts after they outgrew their original store further down the street next to Naefac's Pharmacy, which was on the corner of Blue Ash and Sibley Avenues.)

I collect antique autos and trucks and have been looking for a DIVCO milk truck for a long time and just wondered if anyone would know where any of the old Woodmont trucks are. Vonderhaar dairy used to serve my street and they had quite a few of the trucks, but I can't find any of them. Thanks for your time.

Michael Brill

For your history thing. Born and raised there in 1947. Walked or rode bike from 3805 St. Johns Terrace to the catholic school. Remember business such as Jacksons pharmacy (used to be able to find "dirty books" there) and that old man used to sell them to us! Some donut shop which was across the street and 2 doors up from a deli where we used  to have an excuse to miss the first few minutes of classroom after communion. Also remember there was some old guy had a gun business across that kindergarden I went to on Gailbraith rd. near blue ash road where I was able to buy my 1st handgun either early in high school or late in grade school!!!!! This is the dirty side of Deer Park! Also remember dances at park and festivals there and toilets being blown up by m-80's and cherry bombs. You have a nice history page but you should tie it all together.  Tom Wakim (McNicholas) still lives in your area as does Dennis Heenan also same street. Those guys can probably fill in stuff. Get them to remember the stuff.

Barry Hartmann - Remember stuff

I grew up on Orchard Lane and I went to Howard then Amity and recall walking in and getting ice from Woodmont Dairy on my way home after school. Though my family bought our milk from Valley Dairy. Golden Cream was the best and so was growing up in Deer Park in the 50-60 and 70s. Growing up on Orchard lane and all my close friends went to St. Johns. Webber's grocery store on the corner of Webster and Blue Ash road right across from Deer Park Building and Loan was next to Golden Cream and I can recall  playing baseball where the A&P was built.

There was Gabby's for candy and pop right across from the park. There was also a restaurant next to Gabby's that is now a hair salon, I can not recall the name. The car barn had changed the Crumley Jones & Crumley on the corner of Hegner and Blue Ash road. Just down the street from Deer park Inn where the men in town often got their gallon glass jugs filled with beer for the night.

Every one use to walk or ride bikes back then. The park was the place to be in the summers. Swimming at the toe wash where Smitty watched over the kids. Playing on Old Betsy Fire Engine, or basketball or tennis. The play ground mother's use to have ice cream socials at the old shelter house. The volunteer fire department always had a summer festival  which was one of the things we always looked forward to. They use to empty the firehouse and set up booths and have rides on the street next to the old firehouse.

My Dad was the safety service director when we first moved to Deer Park back in the 1950s. Mom was always involved with either the PTA or the Play Ground Mothers Club or volunteering to head up the American Cancer society fund drives. The ladies always planted new flowers around the city donated by Mr. ward from Ward's Florist. 

The city was  very busy and crowded back in those days with all the baby boomers being born. There seemed to be kids every where and families use to sit on the front porches in the summer back them since the houses we hot. Few people had A/C back then. Orchard Lane was a tree covered with large Silver Maples as were most of the streets in Deer Park back then. Most have died and been cut down. It made for fun playing in the streets since there was very little car traffic back then. Milk was still delivered to homes back then and the scrap iron truck use to drive up and down streets calling for old iron rags etc.

So many old businesses, Bader Hardware, Mike's 5 Barbers, Deer Park Theater, Strikes & Spares. There was Tom's Club 35, The Four Gables and Williams Pharmacy. Deer Park Deli is still there. 

Deer Park was and is a great place to grown up and raise a family, back then and now.


Famous Deer Park people:  NFL Hall of Fame member amd St. John's Eagles QB Roger Staubach
Help!  Name of pharmacy close to Dipsy Doodle and UDF at intersection of Plainfield and Galbraith.....Ritter, Riterers????  Thanks!!!!
Great site for all former and future residents.  Did not know the Camp's; when and where did they live?  
I am a former St. John Terrace kid & 1955 St. John grad; married to Barb Muntel for 50 years and she is also a '55 grad.

Jack Lehr

My mother's family is from deer park.  my grandparents were Margaret and Harry Kuper.  they lived on Deer park ave and S. Berkeley cr.  My mother was Roberta Marie Kuper.  She was a 1949 graduate of Deer Park H.S..  She passed away in 1982.  my uncle was Richard H. Kuper.  he was a world war II vet and worked for the IRS in Cincinnati he passed away in 1994.  He was very active in his church (St. Johns). I am 48 years old and was only 20 years old when my mom died.  if any of her classmates would like to contact me, i would appreciate it. It would be nice to correspond with someone who knew my mom.  I don't have much family left (my dad Jerry Santel from Covington KY passed away in 2007).  I only have my two sisters Suzanne and Peggy, and an aunt (my father's sister).  my phone number is 248-884-1649. please only genuine people!

Julie McMeans

Great site.  Noticed the reference to the 1969 Tornado and remembered that my dad filmed the aftermath of the same storm with his 8mm camera.

Part of the film was shot near our home on Lansdowne Avenue in Deer Park, jumped down to the corner of Lansdowne and Sagamore in Amberley Village, then on to Gardner Avenue in Silverton.

Thought you might find it interesting -

Ed Oenbrink

Hi, just looking at your website and read the following entry ""Glenn's Barbershop". It was right next to the "Deer Park Del" in the same building. My Great Grandmother lived upstairs in that same building which was owned by her and her husband, Eliga "Pop" Connelly, who was also involved in Deer Park Government. " These are actually my relatives so I'd like to know who wrote this because I don't think I'm related to the Camps! Thank you! Melody (Dawson) Wilson


You have done a fantastic job on the site! I like that the site was dedicated to Mr and Mrs Camp. They are truly missed as they were long time customers at my shop in Silverton.

I do have a question about Deer Park. Do you happen to know the history of the building that stands at the corner of Blue Ash and Matson? Its the building that stands with Car Rock Cafe. Over the top of the building, emgraved in the concrete reads, "The Matson"

I have always wondered what the history of the building was. I assumed it was a hotel many years ago.
Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Tug Brock
Auto Works Towing, Inc.

Thanks for the corrections but there are still a few updates that you should be aware of: Chamberlain Park is now spelled Chamberlin.  The correction was made
earlier this year after we discovered that it had been spelled wrong for many years. The Fire Department Link does not work St. John School has been closed and replaced by St. Nicholas Academy, a regional Catholic School. You have our permission to use our Official Website Link as you had it labeled before. Call me if you have any questions.

Mike Berens

Official City Web Site Question

I have been asked about this web site and it's purpose. The basic history of the web site is this, I started the site as a gift for my Mother before she took ill and passed away 6 months later. Ray had volunteered to do the official Deer Park Ohio web site and had already started things before Mom was able to explain what I had begun to him or anyone else. So I went forth and did the site to honor both my parents J. H. Camp and Helen Camp for all of their hard work over the years for the people of Deer Park Ohio. It seems for what ever reason the City itself has not seem fit to honor the 60+ years combined service my parents worked and volunteered.  

I did the site for people like myself who grew up in Deer Park and wanted news and information about the City and what was happening. This web site has never represented it's self as anything other than a history and information web site for Deer Park Oh.

Honoring SFC Gregory S. Rogers a Fallen Hero

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of SFC Gregory Rogers. A 1981 Deer Park graduate, he was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, on his third tour of duty in Iraq. SFC Gregory Rogers will be greatly missed.

Visitation for Sgt. Rogers will be on Wednesday night was held in April, 2006 from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at Deer Park High School. A graveside service was Thursday morning at Rose Hill Cemetery in Mason

Deer Park Ohio

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