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City Parks Deer Park Park Information web site with contact and event information.

Deer Park Historical Society Deer Park History and Information 

Deer Park Ohio City Schools Link

Deer Park Community School District is located in a two-square mile, 
small-town environment and is a hidden gem of the Cincinnati metropolitan 
area. About 10 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, it includes the city of 
Deer Park, a part of Sycamore Township and a small portion of the city of 
Silverton. The intimate community setting includes both the comfort and 
security of a small-town school system and the benefits of an outstanding 
suburban educational program.

What began as a one-room schoolhouse in 1826 has grown to a four-building 
system. Each Deer Park school is strategically located, providing 
convenient proximity to students; it is a "walking" school district. Buses 
are used only to transport students to the Great Oaks Institute of 
Technology and Career Development, athletic events, musical performances 
and competitions, special education programs and class field trips. There 
are nearly 6,000 homes in the district.

Education with a personal touch is a hallmark of the Deer Park Community 
City school system. It is not uncommon for multiple generations of a family 
to have raised and educated their children in the district. Many young 
people move back to the district when they choose to buy a home and raise a 
family. Because of its size, high school students have a chance to 
participate in athletics, drama, sports and clubs at the same time, if they 
wish. Teachers know students and their parents well. There is a strong 
sense of pride and involvement by many alumni and community members.

The district not only welcomes, but encourages all members of the community 
to be involved. Volunteer opportunities are numerous and range from helping 
out in the classroom to serving on various district community groups.

St. Johns Catholic Church

Pictures of St. Johns the Evangelist

Community Information Links

U.S. 2000 Census Information

Deer Park, Ohio History

Deer Park Public Library

Other Web Sites of Interest to People Living in or Near Deer Park, Ohio. Some of Deer Park's Local Business.

Stewart Industries  

The Old Crumley - Jones and Crumley. 


Home - Contact - History - Information - Community Links - Memories - Chamberlin Park - Deer Park FD - St. Johns - Census

Google Map of Deer Park Ohio - Local Information

Emergencies - 911
Police Department - 791-8056
Fire/EMS Department - 791-2500
Administration Office - 794-8860
Gas emergencies - 651-4466
Electric emergencies - 651-4182

This web site is dedicated to Helen Camp and J. Henry Camp 
Who had for many years lived in and worked very hard to improve the City of Deer Park 

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