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J. Henry Camp and Helen Camp

Helen and J. Henry ( Hank ) Camp

Hank Camp 1923 - 2000 - Helen Camp 1923 - 2002

This web site is dedicated to Helen Camp and J. Henry Camp 

Hank Camp who had for many years lived in and worked and served very hard to improve the City of Deer Park Ohio. Moving to Deer Park in the mid 1950s, J. Henry Camp's 16 years of passion and devotion of working for the City of Deer Park citizens as Safety Service Director. Hank Camp only missed 2 days of work in 16 years do to illness.

He over saw the safety of the community with the Police, Fire and Service departments. Hank inspected sidewalks, checked on enforcement of City of Deer Park zoning and building codes. If you needed to know something about the workings of Deer Park, Hank Camp was the man you wanted to meet.

Hank was totally dedicated to the City of Deer Park Ohio spending countless evening away from home attending city council and committee meetings. Whether is was out driving through the snow to check the streets in winter. Or getting up in the middle of the night to check on the service department men who were pumping our sewers on Richmond Ave during heavy rain storms.

J. Henry Camp was also selected the Sycamore-Deer Park J.C.'s Man of the year as well as many other awards to numerous to mention. Even after retiring from Deer Park he was a loyal member of the Deer Park Republican Club and Party. Hank Camp was always there to help his neighbors in Deer Park or Orchard Lane where he lived.

Hank Camp spent many hours and days helping the People of Deer Park Ohio. But still had his priorities of being a devoted husband to Helen Camp and a great father to son Tom and Dennis as well as caring grand father. I know the citizens of Deer Park Ohio will never really know how much Hank Camp loved his family and working for the people of Deer Park. 

Deer Park Ohio is mourning the loss of a community leader. Helen Camp died in April and a Memorial service will be held May 18th 2002 at 11:00 at the Hartzell Methodist Church. Above all Helen was a devoted wife to the late J. Henry Camp a wonderful mother sons to Tom and Dennis and to her grandchildren, and a caring friend to many.

Helen was a dedicated leader in our community from the mid 1950s till 2002. She was a loyal supporter to the Republican party. Helen was also a tireless volunteer to and member to many active organizations. Helen was a member of the Deer Park City council for 12 years, 6 of which she was chairwoman to the public works committee.

She was past president to the Deep Park High school and Amity PTA.  She was also co-chair of the Deer Park Adult Education, c-chair of the Great Oaks Vocational successful School Levy, and a former member of lay committee Deer Park Board of Education. You can thank Helen Camp and others for the tradition of the Deer Park High School cake walk.

Helen Camp was also a member of the Deer Park Historical Society, President  of the Deer Park Playground and Civic Club. ( Also known as the Park play ground mothers club ) Deputy Registrar, former member of the Deer Park Inter-Community Council, area chair woman for the American Red Cross and neighbor captain of the American Cancer Society.

Helen was very active in the Republican Club as well, serving as Secretary and former President of the Deer Park Republican Club. Precinct Executive Chair Woman for several state political campaigns.

Helen Camp gave her time to all these for many causes as well as well as volunteering for many Deer Park Ohio festivals and parades. As you can see Helen was a very active and caring involved citizen of Deer Park. We will all miss her unrelenting passion for the City of Deer Park Ohio.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones.


H and H Camp 4324 Orchard Lane, Deer Park Ohio

Deer Park City Web Site Question

I have been asked about this web site and it's purpose. The basic history of the web site is this, I started the site as a gift for my Mother Autumn 2001 before she took ill and passed away 6 months later. Ray Hedger had volunteered to do the official Deer Park Ohio web site and had already started things before Mom was able to explain what I had begun to Ray or anyone else that needed to know. Since I had started the site I went forth and did the site to honor both my parents J. H. Camp and Helen Camp for all of their hard work over the years for the people of Deer Park Ohio. 

My brother and I have been given the privilege of paying to honor our parents with a sign which hangs in the new city hall council chambers. Thank you.

I did the site for people like myself who grew up in Deer Park and wanted news and information about the City and what was happening. This web site has never represented it's self as anything other than a history and information web site for Deer Park Oh It's purpose is to honor my parents.

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This web site is dedicated to Helen Camp and J. Henry Camp 
Who had for many years lived in and worked very hard to improve the City of Deer Park 

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